10 Reopening Tips: A Stage Manager’s Perspective

Matthew Stern, longtime Broadway stage manager and producer of the Broadway Stage Management Symposium, shared 10 changes that he believes will be necessary for theatre practitioners to safely return to work in the post-COVID era on the symposium’s blog:

  1. Create a new position to manage company health issues and concerns.
  2. Do temperature checks at the top of every call.
  3. Increase understudy and swing coverage.
  4. Institute regular testing.
  5. Eliminate full company meet-and-greets and parties.
  6. Hold only virtual production and design meetings.
  7. Move to video submissions for auditions.
  8. Stop sharing equipment (headsets, belt packs, mics, etc).
  9. Institute new daily reports to include additional health notes.
  10. Prepare to invest heavily in hand sanitizer and PPE.

To read the full post, visit: www.broadwaysymposium.com/blog.

This list originally appeared as part of the How Theatre Makes Its Comeback: Producing Shows in a Pandemic article in Southern Theatre, The Magazine of the Southeastern Theatre Conference, Volume LXI Number 3, Summer 2020

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